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Law is something more than just regulations. In order to effectively solve legal problems, you need to have curiosity about the world and people, dedication and understanding of the processes around us. Human is in the centre of my interests. His safety, sense of stability and confidence are my priorities. My lawyer’s office is a place where passion combines with determination and hard work, which allows to achieve goals. Having broader perspective, we can see more.

„Little things have a way of pilling up and becoming big things.”

Loren D. Estleman

Why should You trust me in this field?

professional experience (title of a layer and doctor of juridical science)
more than four years of professional experience, more than five hundred hours in the courtroom
specialization in narrow, selected areas of practice
individual approach to client and every legal problem
the use of scientific knowledge in everyday work


Labour law

Protection of personal data

Court disputes

White-Collar Crimes

Protection of image and personal rights

Counteracting discrimination

Civil law

Sports law

Private Lawyer


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The lawyer’s office conducts any cases related to broadly understood civil law,

The scope of our legal services includes particularly consulting services and representations in the matters concerning:

  • concluded civil law agreements, including contracts of mandate, task-specific contracts, lease agreements, sales agreements, agreements for construction works, lease agreements, loan agreements, contracts of carriage, insurance agreements, donation agreements, annuity and pension contracts, developer agreements;
  • enforced claims, including those related to improper performance of an agreement;
  • family law, including divorces, separations, limitation of parental authority, establishment of visitation rights with children, cases concerning division of joint assets, proceedings ongoing on the basis of the Hague convention;
  • inheritance law, including confirmation of inheritance acquisition, inheritance on the basis of a will, divisions of inheritance, legitimate portions, disinheritance, finding anyone unworthy of inheritance, avoidance of legal effects, making a declaration of acceptance or rejection of inheritance;
  • claiming compensations and compensations for damages caused as a result of a car accident, medical malpractice, abuse of rights, infringement of personal rights;
  • contract law, including unlawful acts;
  • personal protection, acquisitive prescription of real estate, eviction, perpetual usufruct, establishment of servitude, cases concerning division of assets.

The lawyer’s office draws up all documents and procedural writs, including lawsuits, motions in non-litigious proceedings, appeals, appeals against sentence, requests to secure claims, complaints about actions of the bailiff, drafts of settlements, objections to a default judgment, motions to restore deadlines to perform an act, motions to set conciliatory hearing.

The lawyer’s office represents clients in all pre-litigation and court proceedings before the courts of all instances within the scope of family law, property law, contract and inheritance law.


In the field of  labour law, the lawyer’s office gives legal advices to both natural persons and Polish and international legal persons. We provide comprehensive legal services in all aspects related to the course of employment. We give advices both in the field of individual and collective labour law.

Managing partner – lawyer Michał Matuszak is a Doctor of Juridical Science in the field of labour law, an author of various scientific articles in the field of labour law and a lecturer during over a dozen all-Poland scientific conferences. Along with cooperating lawyers, he effectively represents his clients in court trials and gives advices in complicated factual circumstances.


    • representing clients in the disputes before labour courts and social security;
    • giving legal advices within the scope of labour law and social security law;
    • preparing documents related to establishment of employment;
    • legal consulting services concerning termination of employment relationships;
    • dismissals of senior and protected employees;
    • consulting services in the field of employment of athletes, coaches and sports activists;
    • representing clients in cases concerning discrimination in employment and civil law relationships, in the cases concerning accidents at work and in cases about determination of existence of employment relationship;
    • conducting internal anti-mobbing proceedings, audits within the scope of  labour law and due diligence;
    • creating internal documents concerning employment, including internal policy, systems of remuneration and bonuses and policies concerning monitoring;
    • consulting services in the field of protection of personal data in employment;
    • ongoing legal services for economic entities within the scope of labour law and HR;
    • preparing comprehensive legal opinions often concerning unprecedented factual circumstances;
    • consulting services for employers in connection with transition of a workplace, outsourcing of employees, collective and individual redundancies;
    • editing establishment and multi-establishment sources of labour law, including collective labour agreements, remuneration rules, work regulations, codes of ethics, anti-discrimination policies;
    • drawing up any agreements occurring in employment relationships;
    • supporting in cooperation of trade unions with an employer;
    • consulting services in the field of collective disputes;
    • conducting procedures of legalization of work and stay of the citizens of third countries, representing clients in the proceedings of expulsion from the country ;
    • conducting internal procedures explaining whether there is mobbing, discrimination and other unwanted behaviours in a workplace;
    • conducting trainings within the scope of labour law, including mobbing, harassment and infringement of personal rights of employees.


In the field of protection of personal data, the lawyer’s office provides comprehensive legal services for Polish and international entities. We provide assistance during all stages related to processing of personal data, including conducting  legal audits, preparing appropriate documents, representing in the court disputes resulting from protection of personal data.

Managing partner – lawyer Michał Matuszak is a Doctor of Juridical Science in the field of labour law, who for many years of his professional practice dealt with the issues of protection of personal data.

In 2019, he completed postgraduate studies „Protection of personal data and management of information security” at the Lazarski University in Warsaw.


    •  conducting audits of conformity of documentation and procedures with RODO;
    • we prepare documentation concerning protection of personal data;
    • we draw up documents and agreements consistent with the law, including privacy policy, agreements on entrusting of processing data, drafts of consent and information clauses;
    • we prepare comprehensive rules for IT-related trades;
we take actions aiming at minimization of risk resulting from breach of data security;
    • we represent clients in the proceedings before the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Office, before the common courts of law and administrative courts;
    • we prepare recommendations, operating strategies, secure necessary evidence and support in contacts with insurers;
    • we provide comprehensive services in the field of access to public information;
    • we conduct trainings concerning the rules of processing of personal data, existence of main threats connected with potential infringements and within the scope of model measures that should be taken into account by particular entities;
    • we provide ongoing support in everyday problems resulting from protection of personal data.


The lawyer’s office specializes in conducting court and arbitration disputes both for natural and legal persons and public entities. We treat every case individually, adapting appropriate trail strategy. We represent clients before the common courts of law of all instances, before administrative courts, before the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Tribunal, before arbitration courts, in the enforcement proceedings, in the proceedings before the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Office and in other proceedings provided for in the law.

Managing partner – lawyer Michał Matuszak is a Doctor of Juridical Science. He has many years of scientific and professional experience within the scope of sports law. He is an author of a doctoral dissertation entitled „Sports employment agreement” and various scientific monographs about the issues of sports law. He has unique knowledge and competences within the scope of representing entities in the proceedings connected with broadly understood sport, among others, before the courts of arbitration for sport, in the disciplinary proceedings and proceedings related to doping controls of athletes. In the field of sport, he supports competitors, coaches and sports clubs and sports associations.


    • any disputes within the scope of labour law and social security;
    • any civil cases, including those resulting from civil law agreements, family and inheritance cases.
    • any proceedings related to the breach of protection of personal data;
    • any criminal cases concerning white-collar crimes;
    • any proceedings concerning protection of personal rights and discrimination;
    • any disputes resulting from copyright and right to image;
    • any proceedings related to sports law.


Nasze doświadczenie związane jest z reprezentowaniem pracowników wysokiego szczebla w postępowaniach związanych z przestępstwami gospodarczymi, w tym w szczególności dotyczącymi nadużyć finansowych, nieuczciwości pracowników, członków organów spółek kapitałowych, konfliktu interesów, korupcji urzędniczej oraz managerskiej, niegospodarności, nierzetelnym prowadzeniem dokumentacji, prania pieniędzy, wykorzystania informacji stanowiących tajemnicę zawodowOur experience is connected with representing senior employees in the proceedings related to economic crimes, including concerning particularly financial frauds, dishonesty of employees, members of the bodies of capital companies, conflict of interests, clerical and managerial corruption, mismanagement, negligent keeping of records, money laundering, the use of information constituting professional secrecy and all other white-collar crimes.ą oraz wszystkich innych przestępstwach białych kołnierzyków.

The term „white-collar crimes” stands for criminal activity of people of high social and economic status who use their positions or influence to commit crimes, usually illegal raising of financial resources.

The lawyer’s office supports entities at all stages of actions within this scope. We conduct thorough analyses, prepare documents and represent in various court proceedings.

The specialty of the lawyer’s office is representing white collars in criminal cases having its basis in employment relationship or in different civil law relationship.


The lawyer’s office specializes in all cases concerning protection of personal rights. Civil code does not indicate a closed catalogue of personal rights, however, it indicates that it includes particularly: health, freedom, virtue, freedom of conscience, surname or pseudonym, image, secrecy of correspondence, inviolability of home, scientific, artistic, inventive and rationalizing works. We effectively advise in all stages related to infringement of personal rights.

We effectively make use of our experience in the cases concerning breach of an image, reputation, good name. Within this scope, we represent also popular people – athletes, actors, singers, politicians, journalists or artists. We ensure the highest standards of privacy. We understand key importance of image for some social groups.


    • preparing letters of lawsuits, including failure to act claims, pecuniary compensation claims or claims to remedy the effects of a breach;
    • representing clients before the common courts of law in cases related to infringement of personal rights, defamation, assault, damaging good name or right to image both before the civil courts and as a defence counsel or plenipotentiary in criminal proceedings;
    • we give advices within the scope of ensuring full protection of image on the Internet, particularly to youtubers and bloggers;
    • we implement dedicated solutions in the field of protection of personal data and e-privacy;
    • we give advices within the scope of actions necessary to take due to media crisis;
    • we draw up comprehensive legal opinions concerning infringement of personal rights, including as a result of false statements, contents of press articles or materials posted on social networking sites;
    • we prepare agreements within the scope of the use of the right to image and any sponsorship agreements, including agreements connecting athletes with sponsors and sports clubs;
    • we give legal advices concerning protection of image.


The right to respect dignity of every human and right to equal treatment of every human is a foundation of the rule of law. The lawyer’s office specializes in all cases concerning discrimination of human both in public space and working place. In the field of employment, we advise in the event of occurrence of phenomenon of mobbing, harassment, direct and indirect discrimination, sexual harassment and breach of principle of equal treatment in employment. We advise in the leading cases related to refusal to rent real estate for some social groups, refusal to provide services, discrimination in employment or hindering personal development.

We represent our clients in the cases resulting from prejudices and stereotypes, including in the cases concerning racism, xenophobia, chauvinism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism or anti-Semitism. We take actions against hate speech, against insulting statements, press articles and posts posted on social networking sites.


    • due to sexual orientation and transgender;
    • due to age and sex;
    • due to disability;
    • due to professed religion and political beliefs;
    • due to race, nationality and ethnicity;
    • due to external appearance;
    • due to social status and marital status.

    Using experience of a managing partner – lawyer Michał Matuszak, a Doctor of Juridical Science in the field of labour law, we specialize in counteracting discrimination in employment.

    In the field of counteracting discrimination, the lawyer’s office in some cases of immense significance provides pro bono assistance, that is, without bearing any costs.


For our most demanding clients, we have prepared a private lawyer offer, that is, provision of complex legal services in all fields of human life. These services are provided under individual conditions and with the maintenance of the highest confidentiality standards. These services are fully provided in platinum standard of service.

This service is intended, above all, for senior employees, entrepreneurs, high-ranking officials of the state administration, artists, athletes, owners of large assets and freelancers. Private lawyer is a service intended for people for whom standard offer would seem insufficient and for people who require high-quality services.

All services provided within private lawyer are prepared together with a client to create a product that will fully satisfy even most refined needs. If you are interested in private lawyer offer, please contact directly a managing partner – lawyer Michał Matuszak, a Doctor of Juridical Science. We can meet for coffee in our office, at a restaurant drinking a glass of French wine, in a box in the stadium during football match or on yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. In the event of private lawyer services, only our imagination determines our future.
Private lawyer services are provided in all fields of law, particularly in the field of labour law, civil law (including family law and inheritance law), protection of personal data and right to image, white-collar crimes, protection of personal rights or counteracting discrimination.

We recommend You to familiarize with our second page dedicated to the entities participating on the sports market.

Legal advices in sport


The lawyer’s office is one of only a few professional entities providing professional services within the scope of sports law in Poland.

Managing partner – lawyer Michał Matuszak is a Doctor of Juridical Science who wrote a doctoral dissertation about the issues of employment of athletes in Poland. Moreover, he is an author of various scientific articles in the field of sports law and a lecturer during over a dozen all-Poland scientific conferences about the issues of sport. In 2018, he completed postgraduate studies: management in sport – FIFA/CIES Sport Management Programme at the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. In his professional work, he makes use of not only his expert knowledge, but also of many years of experience.

Detailed offer for athletes, coaches, journalists athletes, sports clubs, sports associations, owners of sports facilities and people wishing to organize mass events is available:

We represent and give advices within the scope of sports law in all areas connected with sport, including particularly within the scope of concluded sports contracts, advertising and sponsorship contracts, organization of mass events, protection of personal data, vindication of claims, conclusion of agreements, meeting licensing requirements, establishment of sports clubs and associations.

Sport is our passion. We introduce the best sports practices to the business, whereas, the best business practices to the sport.